Choose Happiness

We all want our lives to be full of good things. We want to be happy deep in our core. We all want to have plenty of money, to experience success, and we all seek fulfilling relationships. We work on internal wellness, we chase our dreams, we align our energy to summon a more fulfilling life assembling neatly around us, but still it seems there are aspects of life incongruous to a peaceful, happy existence....


What about all those things that still aggravate and annoy on a daily basis? How can we summon happiness into our lives when our vibration is lowered? Won't all those annoyances interfere with our earnest efforts of creating a harmonious, loving attitude and enjoyable life?


Yes - but only if we let them.


Sometimes when people hear about the power we have in our thoughts to call things into existence, it is dismissed - mostly because the deeper underlying meaning is missed.


The power of our minds is absolutely capable of creating the life of our dreams, but there is more. Even if we achieve every last dream in perfect detail, we won't be truly happy until we've learned how to be happy. A pauper may have nothing to his name and still experience more joy in his heart than a king who has every worldly possession. It begins in the mind.


If we want to see beauty, we must see beauty. If we want to feel joy, we must feel joy. To every thought there is a polar opposite that exists, and all we need to do is find a way to channel that opposite thought through our minds and refocus the energy in a positive way.


The next time you stop for gas, don't stress out about the price tag or the inconvenience of having to stop and fill up the tank again. Instead, appreciate the time spent outside of your car to stretch and enjoy the sunshine on your face. Love the fact that you have a car to gas up! Appreciate the convenience of being able to fill a car with gas and go anywhere!


Instead of being frustrated by the lines at the grocery store, appreciate the time you have to review the items of your cart and make sure you remembered everything. Take advantage of the time to reconnect with your child or spouse if they have accompanied you. Relax and let your mind wander about what you'll make for dinner. Pick up the phone and catch up with a friend for a few minutes.


Everything has something good waiting to be born out of it. All it needs is the power of your mind to coax it into existence. It doesn't come all at once, and it does take some practice. Some days it will feel quite impossible, but it os always possible. We only need to find the strength and motivation to do it.