Confession: I am a germaphobe mom.

Is there a support group for that?

​I know, I better get over it, right? Kids carry germs. We're surrounded by germs. Kids get sick, it's normal. I know, I have to suck it up and continue on with my life. 

Germs are good for them, sure! Builds their immune system! I let my kids swim in the lake, we hang out at the farm with germ-infested animals, they roll around in dirt and make mud. I encourage them to play in the rain and stomp in puddles. I didn't even freak out (that badly) when my baby found a cigarette butt at the park and PUT IT IN HER MOUTH!

< cue horror movie screams >  😱

But 'the other' germs....?

You walk by me coughing, expect me to gather all my children and shield them with my body until you pass.  😷

What's that I hear in your voice? Allergies, you say? That's too bad. Here's a Claritin, but hey, I'm going to need to reschedule our playdate.  🤧

This germaphobe mom is washing all the hands and cleaning all the surfaces every single day. We don't get sick here, unless we go to a party or a playdate, and in that case, we know we're coming home with something and planning for the following week off with no responsibilities, and no contact with other humans. That's right! I'm no hypocrite! If I feel a scratchy throat coming on, I'm loading up on cold cures and rescheduling all my gigs. If my kid is sniffling, I'm sequestering all of us, because I'm NOT about to pass on sick to any of my clients or colleagues. 😷😷😷

So if you show up with your kids' nose running, and my kid's nose starts running 48 hours later, I'm going to KNOW it was you...and I'm definitely going to be coming for you...😆




Confessions of a Germaphobe Mom