I grew up hiking the White Mountains of New Hampshire, breathing in the fresh air, marveling at nature, and enjoying this beautiful planet we’re all sharing. 🌏

The funny thing about hiking for me, is how mundane it all seems. 

For most of it, I feel like I’m basically walking in the woods. These woods could be anywhere, indistinguishable from my own backyard. At times, the going gets a little rough. My foot slips on a wet rock, the terrain gets a bit steep - and oh, do I feel the burn! 🔥

Surrounded by trees on all sides, there isn’t much to see except for chipmunks and squirrels, and the occasional hide of a small bear or wildcat… 

So we just keep going in faith, knowing that at some point we’ll reach the top. We might not have a compass or a timer to tell us where or when, but we know that if we just keep going, we CAN'T HELP but get there. It’s inevitable.

Finally, after a while of walking through rugged terrain, we hit the crest. The trees clear. The sky is visible. ☁️ Suddenly we can see for miles in every direction. Only THEN do we feel the full impact of the mountain we have just conquered, of the many steps we have traversed to revel in this moment, to enjoy this 'view from the top'. 

Life is kind of like that. Sometimes we just keep walking through, not realizing the challenge we’ve mounted, not realizing the strength with which we’re carrying ourselves upward. But when we reach a certain point, just over the crest of that hill, and we finally see the view from the top, it’s nothing short of breathtaking. <3





keep rising