I have some friends who don't have kids, and sometimes, when they post about things their dog or cat does, I laugh because being a pet parent is often similar to being a parent of small children.

It got me thinking about all the ways children are like pets - or pets are like children?

When sh*t is on the floor, somehow nobody did it! The kid shrugs and says they didn't do it. The dog looks at you, and then looks away with disinterest. The cat won't even open her eyes to ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR EXISTENCE. All sit happily on the couch ignoring you, pretending they didn't do it, when we all KNOW they did.

When you leave, and then return, a party ensues! I'm always happy to see my pet owning friends feeling well-loved when they return from their outings to be greeted at the door by a yapping, joyful pup literally turning cartwheels at the sound of the key in the door lock. What a great feeling! I know, because I receive the same treatment every time I return. My children leap up from their play, laughing and shrieking, "MOMMY'S HO-OME!!!" They meet me at the door, tripping over each other to see who gets to open it first, and then they fling themselves into my arms while jumping up and down, often making contact between the top of their heads and the underside of my chin (ouch). Pro tip: for the biggest squeals, always promise to bring chocolate upon your return. 

They have ultrasonic hearing. I'll tell you what: I know dogs are famous for their excellent hearing that can pick up the sound of a squirrel scratching inside a nest 14 trees away, but I think my kids are pretty on par with that. Do you know that if I want my children to come downstairs, all I have to do is open one - just ONE - side of a candy wrapper? Even from three floors away, they will be flying down the stairs instantly to inquire about what I'm eating. It's remarkable! I no longer have to even call their names up the stairs. Really helps protect my singing voice!

They're always hungry. You know that dog who sits politely at your feet, watching each bite of food travel to your lips as though he hasn't eaten in days, even though you JUST fed him 20 minutes ago? Yeah. 'Is it lunchtime yet Mommy?' It's 9:30 am, so no, not quite. 'Mommy can I have a bite of your apple?' Um, how about you eat the apple in your hand?

What similarities do you see in YOUR pets and kids?








How kids are like pets