I also hated staying home, missing out on where I was ‘supposed’ to be, having to catch up later on school work and feeling like I’d been absent from my own life. In all my career days I think I called in sick probably four times. I was lucky to be healthy as an adult, but even the occasional sniffle couldn’t keep me home because I felt too guilty leaving my employer in the lurch trying to cover my position and tasks for the day.

These days, as a mom, sickness takes on a whole new meaning. As grateful as I am for healthy children, they do catch colds pretty frequently in the winter months. And there’s just no chance that one sick child WON’T multiply into three sick children, and then a sick mother. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. So when one gets a bit of a sniffle, it sends me into a bit of a tizzy because I know my life is about to unravel over the course of the next week. I’ll have to reschedule clients, disinfect my hands 37 times a day, and heaven help me if I have a big event planned. Usually if an event is happening, my kids are sequestered at home for the two to three weeks leading up to that date. I just can’t risk it. (Note: This post was written before I'd discovered my amazing Magical Cold Cure!)

So today, all three are sniffling, sneezing, coughing, raspy, lethargic messes. Well, the baby got it first, so she’s starting to come through to wellness at this point, but she’s still a stuffed up nasal-voiced love needing mommy hugs.

Am I stressed? Absolutely. I’m trying to launch a new business, and my first mortgage payment on my studio is coming up in just a few short weeks. My children took turns getting up 7 different times last night, and I literally could not sit down between 8-11 PM tending to three pathetic lumps of crying, moaning sick - one of whom coughed so hard I had to wash vomit out of sheets, pillowcases, and beloved teddy bear at 10 PM. I’m loading up on preventives and begging for prayer in the hopes I don’t catch these germs, but I’m not overly optimistic here. 

But amid the stress I’m finding peace today as well. I briefly considered confining them to their beds or letting them slouch on the couch downstairs today, but instead I pulled out the sleeper sofa in my bedroom, set them up under a big blanket, and put kids movies on the 42 inch TV in my room. No longer do I have to worry about separating sick from healthy kids. They are lying head to head in mutual misery, and wallowing in a sick-induced calm that has completely eliminated bickering, complaining, and even the traditional needs and wants hurled at me throughout the day (like 6 drinks of water over the course of an hour, and demands for both lunch and chocolate at 9:45 am). I’m reclining on my bed on the other side of the room, tuning out the children’s programming, and catching up on my blogging. 

I’ve not gotten this much work done in ages!

I might not feel this way in 48 hours when I ultimately succumb to a runny-nosed, watery-eyed hell, but for now I’m appreciating, and reveling in everything delicious about this day. Although my heart aches for them that a nasty virus has slowed their busy bodies and stolen happy smiles, I trust that in a few days they will be good as new, bouncing, laughing, and even fighting. I’ll be back to pulling out my hair and begging them for 5 minutes of quiet space so I can form the thoughts needed to compose a coherent email.

Good times.







Sick day appreciation


We’re having a sick day in our house today. I normally hate sick days. When I was growing up I had a ton of colds and respiratory illness. It felt like I was always sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching head. I hated going to school, coughing, clearing my throat, and blowing my nose in front of my classmates who made it painfully clear that they thought those sounds were gross.