If we are living in an attraction-based universe and everything is energy, then it’s true that even our food and drink have their own unique vibrational signature which can either interfere with, or work in harmony with our own.

​Is it possible that our food might even affect how we manifest?

Everyone knows the power of the mind, but what happens when that mind is not working properly or it is not entirely focused? Extensive studies have been done on the effects of certain foods on the body, the mood and the mind. You may already know chamomile tea can make you sleepy for bed and bananas give you energy for a run, but what about the other effects some foods may have? What about when your blood sugar crashes after a sugary snack caused it to spike, or your third cup of coffee has worn off? ☕ What about those junk food meals that make you sleepy and lethargic so you can barely make it through those emails at work? 🍕🍟🍔🌯🌮🌭

If your brain isn't functioning at optimum level and you can't think straight, then how can you properly decipher, attract and manifest whatever you want for your life? The mind is a part of the body, and it requires certain nutrients to get going and to keep going. In addition, if our body serves as the transmission tower, then we have to keep it in good condition to broadcast clearly at all times. No static allowed! 🙅‍♂️

Healthy natural foods work in harmony with your chemistry and physical make-up to help you be the best you can be. How do you pick the right foods for yourself? Do some research, experiment with different food combinations and find out what natural foods makes you feel wonderful so you can be focused on becoming your best. 💪🍇🍈🍉🍊🥑🥕🥒🥦🥥

And just think- like the law of attraction, as you're focusing on better nutrition, you'll be attracting better nutrition! Before long you won't even have to think about it as it will become second nature!

(If that didn't make sense to you, your blood sugar is probably low. Have a banana. 🍌)





The Energy of food