I used to worry about where I was in life all the time. I worried about the time that was passing me by, and whether I was spending it appropriately. I posed all sorts of questions to myself which looked sort of like:

Am I making the right choices? 🤔

Am I with the right person? 🤔

Will I get to fulfill my passions in life? 🤔

Will I get the chances to be all I am supposed to be? 🤔

What if I pick the wrong path and it leads me away from my true purpose? 🤔

How the heck am I supposed to figure out what my true purpose is, anyway? 🤔

Sometimes, I was literally frozen with fear, unable to make a choice in case it might end up being the WRONG one. And as if that wasn't enough of a headache, I'd also spend time thinking about all the choices I HAD made and wondering whether or not THOSE might have been mistakes! 😯

Then a few years ago, I realized something. I recalled that saying, "It's about the JOURNEY and not the destination". 

In a moment of clarity, I realized there is no greater truth than this. 

I can't make the wrong choice, because WHATEVER I choose becomes an essential thread woven with intention and purpose into the fabric of who I am. The people, the places, and the experiences all get stitched into the tapestry of the life I am designing. Everywhere I am, everywhere I've been, and everywhere I will go is exactly where I am meant to be, at exactly that moment in time. I will learn, I will grow, and I will BE wherever I am. 

As soon as I realized that, everything changed. I am where I am supposed to be. And the journey is sweet.



Where I'm Meant to be